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DaliBe supplies a wide range of high quality IT hardware from many global manufacturers, to ensure that your business has the right IT tools to support your core business function. Partnered with many of the world’s leading IT vendors, we have extensive experience in supplying IT infrastructure hardware and equipment.


If you run a business that uses multiple computers, investing in a server can help keep your data secure and organised making your business more efficient. It provides your business with a single solution. At DaliBe, we provide market-leading servers that are effective and reliable, ensuring your business runs smoothly.

Personal Computers

At DaliBe, we provide a huge selection of latest computer technologies from desktop PC to laptops and Tablets. We try giving our clients the convenience of sourcing IT equipment from a single supplier, which is why we try to cover every IT hardware and software that our clients may require, from IT equipment to anti-virus software.


The network operates by connecting computers and peripherals using various equipments, such as switches, routers, repeaters, bridges and firewalls. At DaliBe, we provide the most suitable networking solutions based on your requirements. This enables the devices that are connected to your network to communicate seamlessly with each other, saving time, money and hassle.

Office Equipments

There are some equipment and consumables that does not require too much thought. To make our clients more convenient, we have the ability to source literally any product on the market from our trusted partners and suppliers. Just tell us what you need, and your products will be delivered in no time.

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