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Dalibe Education Solution

Dalibe Education Solution (DES) understands that today’s academia require systems to improve the student and faculty experience while adapting to a variety of educational pathways like certificates, degrees, and programs. With DES, our customers get reduced total cost of ownership, the ability to implement incrementally, and a modern system that brings student services into the digital age.

DES-A New Approach for a New Landscape
The perfect enterprise software solution for educational institutions including schools, colleges & universities. Use DES to efficiently manage students, teachers, employees, courses & all the system & process related to your institution.

Curriculum Management

Provides course and program management functionality including the proposal, approval, and management of courses and programs.


Enables institutions and learners alike to manage the enrollment lifecycle of learners, once admitted to the institution, follow a transparent process flow with detailed information at each stage.


Organizing examination with support of various calculation methods like Average, CPA, CCE is now possible with DES

Attendance Management

Day to day activities like attendance management can become a tedious task for any one, and DES tried to eliminate it by collecting minimum data by automating population of other data.


Faculty management system with integrated HR management system gives full control over information related to faculty like degree, skills and payroll.


Integrated Library management system help institute book, issue and receipt of books to students and faculties with use of barcode based library cards.


Managing time of faculties and students is the most important part for any institute and DES helps in achieving the same, providing really user friendly interface to allocate time slots to faculties.


Detailed reporting on all objects, providing information to institute about the performance of students and faculties help them setting right benchmark and expectations.